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Published - 17/06/2011

MCS part of coalition that has turned 400,000 Government workers onto sustainable seafood 

MCS says the Government commitment to 100% sustainable fish in its catering for Number 10, Whitehall, Government Departments, prisons and some parts of the armed forces is a vast improvement on it's earlier target of 60%

MCS was one a group of organisations led by Sustain, who have written to Ministers, Richard Benyon and Jim Paice, in recent months expressing concern about the Government's weak sustainable seafood commitment and urging a 100% sustainable seafood policy.

Campaigners had previously highlighted that fish served in Whitehall and Number 10 Downing Street had worse seafood sustainability standards than the cat food served to Number 10's cat , Larry,  because leading pet food brands such as Whiska?s had already made the switch to sustainable fish.

MCS Fisheries Programme Manager, Peter Duncan, says the announcement is welcome. However,  although 400,000 staff will now be eating from the MCS 'Fish to Eat' list it is still only  one third of the public sector. Hospitals, schools, care homes and local authorities are not included. 

The standards and guidance are the same as those set out in the London 2012 Food Vision. MCS 'fish to avoid' and 'fish to eat' lists are officially recognised and promoted in the guidance and MSC certified seafood and MCS 'fish to eat' are officially classed as being 'demonstrably sustainable' and therefore meeting the requirements of the standard.


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