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Published - 01/07/2013

 Help end the blind spend on subsidies  

As this video illustrates, subsidies are fuelling overfishing in European seas. This has to stop! You can help be letting your MEP know that you want your money to protect the future of our fisheries, not to pay for overfishing.

Tell your MEP to make it stop

Ahead of the next voting session on July 10th, you can help by emailing your MEP and asking them NOT to support a reintroduction of a subsidy to build new vessels. 

>> Please copy and paste the text below into an email and send it to the relevant MEP below:

North West England: Chris Davies -
East England: John Stuart Agnew -
South West England: Julie Girling -
Scotland: Struan Stevenson -
Scotland: Ian Hudghton -

Dear {insert MEP name}

We are writing to ask you to vote on July 10th for a European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, EMFF, which supports an end to EU overfishing and a recovery of fish stocks. On February 6th the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly to reverse thirty years of failed EU fisheries management in favour of an ambitious reform of the EU's Common Fisheries Policy. However, proposals for fisheries subsidies contributing to overcapacity threaten this bold move and - if adopted - would hinder an end to EU overfishing.

Please do not support a reintroduction of a subsidy to build new vessels. This type of subsidy has been proven to contribute to overfishing and was phased out by the 2002 CFP reform. Furthermore, reintroducing this subsidy would contradict the EU's Rio+20 commitments and undermine its position in the WTO negotiations.

Aid for vessel construction has maintained or even increased overfishing and there is no evidence that this type of subsidy leads to greater socio-economic or environmental benefits. Instead, we propose that subsidies are used to transition to a sustainable fishing sector by funding enhanced control and enforcement measures and improving data collection. This would facilitate the setting of sustainable fishing limits and guarantee effective control and enforcement.

Yours sincerely,


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