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Feeding  the  fish of the future - an MCS special event

Presentations and debate on the role of alternative feed ingredients

MCS hosted a special event in Edinburgh, on the 9th November, to discuss the role of alternative feed ingredients in farmed fish diets.

'Feeding the Fish of the Future - Alternative Choice for Aquafeeds' is the brainchild of MCS Aquaculture Officer, Dawn Purchase. Dawn, who works out of the MCS Scottish office,  pulled together experts from the aquaculture industry, retail sector and academia for this one off event.

Dawn says the industry is standing on the precipice of a Blue Revolution: "The phrase is coined from a similar thing that happened in the 1960's in faming and became known as the Green Revolution. To feed a growing population, agriculture had to use technological advances. Now, with the pressures of population growth, combined with an increasing individual  consumption of seafood, there is an anticipated need to rely on development and advances in aquaculture to fulfil the demand for fish protein for future generations."

With the depletion of wild fish stocks, the farmed fish industry is growing. Delegates at the event  discussed a wide range of issues from why the UK is so resistant to alternative farmed fish feeds, how substituted feed can still bring health benefits, what the tipping point to accept substitution will be and what ingredients are being used in other countries.

Dawn says she was delighted that over 65 delegates attended  the event, all keen to share ideas. "Presentations were informative and interesting and we had some good debate. It has informed my thinking of where to take the MCS aquaculture programme to  progress the issue of alternative feed ingredients for farmed fish and I  hope that MCS is now seen as taking the lead in this area."

The event was sponsored by  feed manufacturers - EWOS, Biomar and Skretting

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