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UK seas search results

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Common name

Scientific name


Bladder wrack

Fucus vesiculosus

Strandline, Rocky shore, Rockpools


Chondrus crispus

Rocky shore, Lower shore, Strandline, Rockpools


Palmaria palmata

Lower shore, Subtidal, Seabed

Egg wrack

Ascophyllum nodosum

Rocky shore, Strandline

Kelp holdfasts

Laminaria species



Porphyra umbilicalis

Rocky shore, Middle shore

Red rags

Dilsea Carnosa

Rocky shore, Seabed, Rockpools, Subtidal

Sea beech

Delesseria sanguinea

Rocky shore, Lower shore, Subtidal, Seabed

Sea lettuce

Ulva lactuca

Rocky shore, Middle shore

Toothed wrack

Fucus serratus

Rocky shore, Strandline

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