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UK seas search results

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Your search for { anemones, cnidarians, jellyfish } returned 15 result(s)

Common name

Scientific name


Barrel jellyfish

Rhizostoma octopus

Subtidal, Open ocean

Beadlet anemone

Actinia equina

Rocky shore, Upper shore, Lower shore, Subtidal

Blue jellyfish

Cyanea lamarckii

Open ocean

By the wind sailor

Velella velella

Strandline, Open ocean

Compass jellyfish

Chrysaora hysoscella

Open ocean

Crystal jelly

Aequorea forskalea

Open ocean

Dahlia anemone

Urticina felina

Rocky shore, Lower shore, Subtidal

Jewel anemone

Corynactis viridis

Rocky shore, Lower shore, Subtidal

Lions mane jellyfish

Cyanea capillata

Open ocean

Mauve stinger

Pelagia noctiluca

Open ocean

Moon jellyfish

Aurelia aurita

Open ocean, Strandline

Pink sea fan

Eunicella verrucosa

Strandline, Seabed

Plumose anemone

Metridium senile

Man-made habitats, Subtidal

Snakelocks anemone

Anemonia viridis

Rocky shore, Lower shore

Strawberry anemone

Actinia fragacea

Rocky shore, Lower shore

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