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Leave a lasting legacy

Legacies are changing the plight of our irreplaceable seas, shores and sea life for the better by helping MCS to secure a brighter future for marine wildlife and their habitats.  Legacies of all sizes are vital to secure the long-term future of our unique work and any gift, large or small, is extremely welcome. From funding our vital work for protected marine areas to caring for stranded marine turtles, or keeping our beautiful coastline free from litter, legacies are helping to change our seas for the better.

Making a Will

Making a Will can not only help to ensure that your loved ones have a secure future, but by leaving a gift in your Will to MCS you help to ensure the seas and the life within them have a long-term future too.
Making a Will doesn't have to be costly or complicated. MCS has put together a guide you can download here to help you understand some of the terminology used and the different ways you can support our charity work. To have an informal chat about supporting MCS in this way, please contact MCS by emailing or calling 01989 566017.

Inheritance tax

Any money left to a charity is free from inheritance tax. This means that a gift in a Will to the Marine Conservation Society not only helps a wonderful cause but will reduce inheritance tax payable on an estate - and may help to avoid any tax being paid at all.

In memory

No amount of money can ever replace a lost loved one, but fundraising for a special cause can help give some meaning and purpose at an otherwise difficult and sad time. We have been moved and inspired by some of the kind actions people have taken to remember someone special. Please email us if you need any advice about raising funds in memory of a loved one.

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