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Adopt-a-Turtle for yourself or as a gift

Adopt today from £31, or £3 per month for one year's adoption. Your support will help us secure a safer future for endangered marine turtles by protecting them and the ocean world they live in.


Adopt a turtle banner showing a green turtle



Buy Adopt-a-Turtle

 Turtle adopters will receive:

  • An adorable fluffy turtle hatchling

  • Talk Turtle - our twice a year enewsletter, which contains news, stories and fantastic photos of turtles and our other marine conservation work

  • A fact sheet and poster of turtles in the wild

  • A certificate of adoption

  • Access to our Adopt-a-Turtle website which includes turtle satellite tracking, UK turtle sighting pages and some Turtley amazing activities.

Whether you Adopt-a-Turtle for yourself, a friend or a loved one, your support helps us to protect turtles and the marine world they live in.

Thank you for your support

You can also adopt by telephone. Just call our supporter services team on 0300 3300 704.

Lines open 9-5pm Monday-Friday.

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