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Adopt today from £3 per month or £31 for a full year. Your support will help us secure a safer future for endangered turtles by protecting them and the ocean world in which they live.

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Your money could go even further if you pay by Direct Debit as it helps keep our costs down.

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Your money could go even further if you pay by Direct Debit as it helps keep our costs down.


Turtle adopters will receive

  • An adorable fluffy turtle hatchling

  • MCS E News

  • A fact sheet and poster of turtles in the wild

  • A certificate of adoption

All proceeds go directly to the protection of turtles and the conservation of the wider marine environment in which they live.


You can also adopt by telephone. Just call our supporter services team on 0300 3300 704.

Lines open 9-5pm Monday-Friday.

Thank you for your support

If you have already purchased an adoption please activate your pack here.

More about turtles

Short snouted sea horseTurtles are an ancient group of reptiles that have witnessed the rise and fall of the dinosaurs, with the earliest marine turtle fossils dated at about 110 million years old! Seven species of marine turtle now swim our oceans and all are included on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species, with four species listed as either Endangered or Critically Endangered. Some turtle populations around the world really are in danger of extinction. Unsustainable exploitation, accidental entanglement in fishing gear, marine pollution and habitat destruction are all to blame.

The threats to turtles

  • Over fishing.

  • The curio and souvenir markets. Some turtles have attractive shells which can be made into things.

  • Boats can collide with turtles at or near the surface.

  • Climate change is affecting breeding patterns and can cause migratory species to end up in the wrong place.

  • Tourism has affected breeding habits with nesting beaches becoming to busy for turtles to be able to nest and lights causing turtles to become disorientated at night.


How you can help turtles

  • Seahorse picture

    Help to raise awareness of the critical situation facing turtles and encourage tourists not to buy turtle products as souvenirs.

  • Help us to campaign to halt damaging fishing practices which are detrimental to the survival of turtles.

  • Report any sightings of turtles in UK waters on the MCS sighting form.

  • Campaign to reduce litter and pollution in our seas which can have devastating impacts on seahorses and other marine wildlife

  • Your support will help us fund other essential marine conservation work in the UK.

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