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Our seas are in a terrible state after years of pollution, overfishing and neglect - but don’t despair, there are loads of ways you can help, depending on how much time you have to spare!

There are quick actions you can take online right now that will only take a few minutes.

Want to take on the ultimate lifestyle challenge to live without single use plastic this June? Sign up for the Plastic Challenge!

Or find out about our various volunteering options and latest campaigns if you want to get more involved.

Fancy some action on the beach? Find out how to get stuck in at a beach clean near you or help with our research by reporting your wildlife sightings around the UK.

Divers can also make a big difference by getting involved in underwater surveys with our Seasearch programme and Reef Check surveys.

And teachers can spread the ‘save our seas’ message in the classroom by using our Coolseas resources.

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"I really believe the key thing that people should do is spend more time by, on or in the sea because that way they can begin to understand why it is so special and why marine conservation is so important. It makes the job of anyone involved that much easier because once someone has experienced how special our sea is, they will think twice about dropping litter on the beach or flushing plastic cotton buds down the loo."

Kate Humble, TV presenter and MCS supporter

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