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Wildlife sightings

Sighting report for - Turtles

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Fields marked * must be filled in.

1. Animal alive?

* If the animal was alive please complete question set 1. If the animal was dead please proceed to question set 2.

Feeding Swimming Entangled other (please explain in additional notes below)


2. Animal dead?

Floating Stranded Entangled other (please explain in additional notes below)


* 3. Type of turtle?

Please use the UK Turtle Code to identify the turtle.

Leatherback Loggerhead Kemp's ridley Green Hawksbill Unidentified


* 4. Number sighted?


* 5. Additional notes

UK and Irish marine turtle sightings

To help you identify any turtles you have seen, please check out the UK Turtle Code.

Never return stranded hard-shelled turtles back to UK seas as this may kill them! Please report live stranded turtles immediately to the telephone numbers listed in the UK Turtle Code.

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