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How did it all begin?

In 1977 the Underwater Conservation Society was founded by a small group of volunteers concerned about the state of UK seas. 6 years later this group evolved into the Marine Conservation Society and although 30 years have passed, volunteers are still very much at the heart of the work that we do. Now with funding support available from Marks & Spencer, we have launched an exciting national volunteering initiative, Sea Champions!

Funding from Marks & Spencer has allowed us to recruit four Sea Champions Volunteer Coordinators to support our Sea Champions. To find out if Sea Champions is operating in your area click on our interactive map

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Why become a Sea Champion?

Here at MCS, we have found that people power really brings about change for the better - convincing Governments of the need for a marine act, helping supermarkets to see the need to source sustainable seafood, and informing public opinion more widely. Sea Champions are helping us achieve just that by bringing about positive change in their communities.

Not only will you make a difference to the future for our seas, you’ll get support from one of our Volunteer Coordinators, meet like-minded people and will gain new skills through on the spot training.

Whether you are retired, a student or a professional, anybody can get involved. Our Sea Champions recruitment goes on so get in touch with the Volunteer Coordinator for your area to find out how, or visit

Why not meet some of our Sea Champions volunteers?

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What can I do?

You can get involved in as little or as much as you like and support us in a variety of ways depending on what appeals to you, whether that’s organising hands-on beach cleans or participating in national campaigns, giving talks, attending local events, raising funds or promoting sustainable seafood choices in your local community. However you choose to help there are plenty of opportunities to suit everyone and we are also keen to hear what you have to offer! To find out more check out our interactive Sea Champions Volunteer Guide.

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How much time will I need?

It would be great if you could spare some time to take part in Sea Champions actions every month, and log the activities that you do.  All Sea Champions will be fully supported, regularly communicated with and offered a wide range of support materials, resources and training, but you are free to select which volunteering opportunities and activities you take part in.


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