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Welcome to Beachwatch in Scotland

Beachwatch in Scotland

Beach litter is an eyesore. Nobody wants to walk along a shore where plastic and polystyrene are felt as frequently between you toes as pebbles and sand. To humans it's an annoyance - to some wildife it's a death sentence. 

Every year thousands of birds, seals, dolphins and marine mammals die by swallowing or becoming entangled in rubbish. Supported by our Beachwatch programme in Scotland, MCS has successfully campaigned for a Marine Litter Strategy for Scotland.

The hardwork of our volunteers has helped us achieve this...but there's still more to work to be done. 

Over the years, MCS in Scotland has worked in partnership with a range of organisations, including Forth Estuary Forum, Firth of Clyde Forum, Moray Firth Partnership, Solway Firth PartnershipThe GRAB Trust, the Great Nurdle Hunt and Keep Scotland Beautiful to increase the number of Beachwatch groups in Scotland. Numerous workshops have been run around the country for community groups, schools and local businesses.

If you would like to get involved with Beachwatch, either as a volunteer or you would like to host a clean-up and survey at your local beach, contact Take a look at  beaches in Scotland that already take part in MCS Beachwatch here and follow the instructions on how to get invovled. 


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