Welsh Marine Conservation Zones Consultation

Submissions for this form are closed.

The Welsh Government is proposing 10 sites around the coast of Wales as Highly Protected Marine Conservation Zones. However they have already said they are likely to designate only three or four or these. MCS says this is not good enough because Welsh seas need better protection. Don’t leave it to chance – add your voice to the debate about the protection of marine sites around Wales.

To help you get involved we’ve prepared a letter for you to send in response to the Welsh Government consultation. You can send it just as it is, or you can add some personal anecdotes or local information which the Welsh Government have said they really wants to hear. We have included the Government’s site specific questions as well – so if you have any individual  information on any of the 10 sites please answer those questions too. Your answers don’t need to be highly technical or biological, but if these sites are  special to you – please grab this opportunity to have your say.