Scottish Marine Protected Areas Consultation

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Scottish MPA map

Scotland’s seas host an amazing variety of wildlife, including spectacular coral reefs, swaying kelp forests, living beds of horsemussel, flameshell, maerl and seagrass, and colourful sponge gardens.

There are important places for basking sharks, whales, dolphins, common skate and seabirds too. But many of these species and habitats, and others, have declined and reduced in range.

Right now, Scottish seas need your continued support

Scotland’s seas need new Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) to give them a chance to recover from decades of human pressure.  A public consultation has been launched on a network of Scottish MPAs.

You can use the map on the right hand side to explore each of the proposed sites. This is your chance to speak up for Scottish seas and tell the Scottish Government about the importance of these MPAs.

Have your say

To respond to the consultation, simply fill in your details on the form (below right) and the letter will be sent to the Scottish Government on your behalf. Anybody can do this - you don't need to live in Scotland to take part.

If you would like to add any personal comments on a specific MPA, please use the specific site response form below the letter and then fill in your details. This will add weight to your letter and make an even stronger case for marine protection. Please edit the letter to include your personal comments, including on any specific MPAs. Customised letters will be considered ‘individual’ responses to the consultation and will carry even more weight, making a stronger case for marine protection.