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Marine Protected Areas

Help us ensure Government creates and protects a network of Marine Protected Areas around the UK

The UK’s iconic seas and coast are home to some of the most colourful, fascinating and beautiful marine life in the world, supporting everything from valuable fish stocks, to delicate jewel anemones, Basking sharks and Angel sharks. The wealth of our seas lies in their diversity. An ecologically coherent network of Marine Protected Areas is needed to ensure a proportion of our seas is protected and recovers.

Following our ten year campaign for UK and Scottish Marine Acts, a network of MPAs is gradually being developed. We now need your help to ensure that network is completed. There is so much to lose, but even more to gain.

mpa map Click here to visit the English Marine Protected Areas page Click here to visit the Scottish Marine Protected Areas page Take action Click here to visit the Welsh Marine Protected Areas page Visit the N.Ireland page

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