Marine Protected Areas

Historic moment to save Scotland’s seas

The public consultation on a network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) both around the coast and further offshore has now closed.
The busy task of analysing all the responses to last year’s Scottish MPA consultation is complete, revealing an astonishing 99% of respondents in favour of the proposed new Scottish MPAs. We expect to hear the announcement about which will be going forward for designation, by 25th July at the latest. Whatever happens, and we hope it will be at least the best 29 sites of the 33, we will keep you all posted of developments.
Until then, you can keep pledging your support for Scottish MPAs online:

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Good News - first MCZs designated!

Defra announced the first 27 MCZ sites in November 2013, and a timetable for future MCZ consultations starting in 2015. Defra say that a further 37 Marine Conservation Zones are being considered for designation in 2015. We're pleased, but it's still a long way off what's needed for a full network of protection in English waters to stop the decline in marine biodiversity.
MCS is keeping up the pressure on Government to designate even more MCZs in English seas while working to ensure the first sites are effectively managed.
Thank you to all who have supported us so far.


Marine Developments in Wales

Alun Davies, Welsh Minister for Natural Resources and Food, announced  in November that the Welsh Government will be developing a marine strategic action plan over the coming months. He re-committed to an Ecologically Coherent Network and has tasked Natural Resources Wales to look at the current network and identify any gaps. He also announced that there will be a marine plan by 2015, as well as a consultation on Special Protection Areas extensions in the new year.

In the meantime » explore the wonders of our Welsh seas and coastline.


MCS News

More MCZs planned for English seas in 2015

Defra say that a further 37 Marine Conservation Zones are being considered for designation in 2015. We're pleased, but it's still a long way off what's needed for a full network of protection in English waters to stop the decline in marine biodiversity. >> Read more

Consultation on Scottish MPAs has now closed

Marine Scotland will now analyse all the responses - and hopefully in spring 2014, we'll hear which MPAs will be going forward for designation. We will keep you posted! Until then you can keep pledging your support. >> Pledge

Your chance to help Scottish seas recover

Act now! Take part in the consultation on a MPA network around Scotland. 33 sites proposed in first step to secure the future of one of Scotland's most valuable assets  >> more

Historic summer to save Scotland`s seas

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English seas worth billions to economy

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For one day only, let`s get tweeting

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MCS at Holyrood to hand in marine pledges

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English consultation now closed

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in the public consultation on 127 Marine Conservation Zones in English seas - which has now closed. Watch this space to see what happens next!

12 days left to save English seas

The public consultation on Marine Conservation Zones closes at the end of March. Find out why this is so important for Coleen the Quahog and have your say now. >> More 

March for marine protection a huge success

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Fish Fighting Hugh to front MCS march on Westminster

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Join our Westminster rally

On 25th February 2013, MCS is leading a march across Westminster bridge to the Houses of Parliament to show mass support for 127 Marine Conservation Zones in English seas.  >> More

Sea creatures sing for their survival

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Government shows lack of ambition with latest MCZ announcement

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Over the past 20-30 years there has been increasing evidence of the decline and deterioration of marine wildlife and habitats because of human activities. At the same time, research has shown the positive effects of partially or fully protected marine protected areas. We can reverse the trend and allow our seas a chance to recover. The time to do that is NOW.

Find out how you can take action to protect English, Welsh and Scottish seas.

Marine Protected Areas

Sea life around the coast of the British Isles is just as colourful, fascinating and beautiful as that found anywhere else in the world. Our underwater landscapes should be teeming with life and amazingly varied – but not everywhere is like this.

Our seas support everything from valuable fish stocks to delicate jewel-like anemones and giant basking sharks, leatherback turtles and seals. The wealth of our seas lies in their diversity. There is so much to lose, but even more to gain.