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Our Seas Our Future

mcs strategy 2015Our Seas Our Future is a blueprint for the future of our seas - the Marine Conservation Society’s five year plan towards our vision of Seas Fit for Life.

It sets out the key threats and issues currently affecting UK seas and where we will target our efforts over the period 2015-2020 to find lasting solutions.

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Sam Fanshawe, MCS Chief Executive sets the scene:
Our seas and our future health, wealth and wellbeing are inextricably linked.

Clean seas and beaches, healthy fish stocks and proper marine protection support tourism, livelihoods, habitats and wildlife. Protecting the amazing marine life around our shores from litter, indiscriminate fishing methods or poorly planned development is the responsibility of our generation.

Creating a network of marine protected areas, promoting selective fishing practices and responsible fish farming and taking action to reduce marine litter are just some of the steps urgently needed if our seas are to recover to a healthy state.

Our Seas Our Future sets out the Marine Conservation Society’s five year plan to ensure our seas are fit for life – for marine life, for livelihoods and for future lifetimes.

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