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Our vision and mission

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is the UK's leading charity for the protection of our seas, shores and wildlife.

MCS champions a vision of sustainable fisheries, abundant marine life and clean seas and beaches for the enjoyment of all. 


Seas fit for life - clean seas and coasts that support abundant marine life, healthy fish stocks and enjoyment for all.


To achieve measurable improvements in the state of our seas, marine biodiversity and fish stocks through changes in government policy, industry practice and individual behaviour.


MCS Annual ReviewWe believe that the key drivers for change are to inform and involve people, communities and stakeholders in our work and influence decision makers and businesses through public engagement and collaboration, as well as through direct advocacy and campaigns.

You can read about how succesful we have been in achieving our goals in our most recent Annual Report and Review.

Our 5-year plan for 2015-2020 outlining how we will deliver on our vision and mission is set out in Our Seas Our Future.

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