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Our seas are full of beautiful creatures like these brightly coloured jewel anemones, sunset cup coral and jellyfish. All these animals catch food in their stinging tentacles.

Sea slugs - bet you've never seen beautiful slugs like this in your garden! Did you know that sea slugs can steal an anemone's sting? The slugs eat the anemone in such a way that they don't get stung - and then store the stinging cells in their own bodies to use against predators.

These flame shells build nests out of gravel and have acid-filled tentacles so they don't get eaten!

You can see why this spectacular animal is called a fireworks anemone! It lives in deep, sheltered, muddy places.

These blue-rayed limpets live only on kelp (a kind of seaweed) and are no bigger than your little finger nail!

Sunset cup coral
photographed by Sally Sharrock
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