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Taino is a sub-adult green turtle captured by the Turks and Caicos Islands Turtle Project with expert turtle fishers Gilbert and Dave. The turtle was too young to tell whether it was male or female - but we are guessing she is female . Taino's Sirtrack Fatloc tag was sponsored by the Amanyara Resort in Providenciales, who named the turtle after the early native settlers who colonised the TCI prior to the arrival of the Europeans, and who were also expert turtle hunters. Amanyara's resident naturalist Lindsey Mensen (pictured) helped catch Taino and release the turtle after it was tagged.

Click on the live map below to open a bigger version

(Pink dots indicate locations from first few weeks after release).

Taino - tracking map Taino
Live map above provided courtsey of Static image below from Google Earth shows best quality transmissions received in two weeks prior to update.

UPDATE 30.05.2012: Taino's tag stopped transmitting on the 1st May. We think maybe the tag battery expired because signal strength dropped sharply just before her last transmission.

UPDATE 12.05.2012: We haven't heard from Taino since the 1st May - has her tag finally run out of juice?

UPDATE 03.05.2012: After spending a few days out on the bank, Taino's has meandered back to her favourite patch.

UPDATE 25.04.2012: Taino's tag is transmitting again, with largely low accuracy locations suggesting that in the last few days she has moved further out onto the Caicos Banks to sand bars about 6 miles south west of her favourite patch  - what is she up to?

UPDATE 18.04.2012: Taino's tag hasn't sent any transmissions for the last three days, but her locations before that suggest she travelled about 9 km from her favourite patch up Winward Passage Going Through - what is she doing? She has gone quiet for a few days before now - but fingers-crossed we receive more transmissions from Taino in coming days....

UPDATE 09.04.2012: Taino continues to explore feeding grounds close to her central range, and yesterday she was back at Gilbert and David's foraging site.

UPDATE 27.03.2012: Taino has stayed relatively close to her foraging site during this last week.

UPDATE 19.03.2012: In this last week, Taino spent a few days on the other side of the mouth of Windward Passage Going Through before returning to her patch. Gilbert and David have done similar, seemingly sporadic range shifts - why do these turtles briefly shift their postion for a few days before returning to their favourite patches - are they disturbed by predators and so temporarily move out of harm's reach?

UPDATE 11.03.2012: Taino has been moving between foraging grounds this month...

UPDATE 27.02.2012: Taino has mostly stayed pretty close to her foraging site ths week...

UPDATE 20.02.2012: Taino continues to move between her favourite spot and Windward Passage Going Through...

UPDATE 09.02.2012: Taino has moved between her favourite spot and the mouth of the Windward Passage Going Through again these last few days.

UPDATE 02.02.2012: Taino's most accurate transmissions from the last week or so suggest she has been staying close to the shore of  Middle Caicos.

UPDATE 25.01.2012: Taino has strayed a little in the last week, but is back at her patch....

UPDATE 18.01.2012: While not straying too far, Taino has been a bit more active in the last week or so, with some forays away from her favourite seagrass beds....

UPDATE 09.01.2012: Taino remains on her favourite seagrass beds....

UPDATE 03.01.2012: This last week Taino has remained close to her patch....

UPDATE 29.12.2011: In the last 10 days Taino has stayed pretty close to her favourite seagrass pastures...

UPDATE 19.12.2011: Taino continues to rove around the local seagrass beds...

UPDATE 13.12.2011: Taino has been exploring again in the last 7 days, this time wandering through Gilbert and Dave's favourite patch again.

UPDATE 05.12.2011: Taino has been exploring again in the last 7 days, this time she seems to have wandered over to the famous Ocean Hole, but then returned back to her favourite spot.

UPDATE 30.11.2011: Taino spent the last week on her favourite patch.

UPDATE 21.11.2011: In the last 7 days Taino has returned from her travels and has remained close to her favourite seagrass beds.

UPDATE 14.11.2011: Taino has again been exploring again this week, checking out Gilbert and David's stomping grounds - will she wander any further?

UPDATE 07.11.2011: After last week's brief recce trip to the creeks on other side of the mouth of Windward Passage Going Through, Taino  has gone straight back to her favourite feeding grounds - why does she keep wandering?

UPDATE 01.11.2011: In the last 2 weeks Taino has wandered almost 5 miles from her favourite spot, around Gilbert and David's patch and into the mouth of Windward Passage Going Through where she is now. She is far more adventurous than Gilbert and Dave, who don't travel far from the foraging ground where they were caught and released.

UPDATE 17.10.2011: Taino has spent the last 7 days not straying too far from her favourite patch.

UPDATE 10.10.2011: Taino has spent the last 2 weeks moving around the southern shores of Middle Caicos, but she keeps coming back to her favourite spot just off that headland in the middle of the Google Earth image - is that where the best sea grass is?

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