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Gilbert is a sub-adult green turtle captured at Southern Bush, just south of the Windward Going Through passage between Middle and East Caicos. The turtle was too young to accurately tell whether it was a male or female - but we are guessing he is male. Gilbert was captured by TCI Turtle Project Officer Amdeep Sanghera on a sampling trip with legendary TCI turtle fishers Gilbert Jennings and Dave Clare. The turtle is fitted with a Sirtrack Fastloc tag to determine its fine scale movements in its tidal foraging habitat. The purchase and deployment of this tag is supported by the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth, with additional project support from the People's Trust for Endangered Species. Gilbert is pictured here before its release with namesake Gilbert Jennings and Amdeep Sanghera (right), MCS Turks and Caicos Project Officer.

Click on the map below to open a bigger version.

(Sea colour reflects temperature - see scale below map - ocean currents and depth contours are also shown).

Gilbert - tracking map Gilbert

Live map above provided courtsey of Static image below from Google Earth shows best quality transmissions.

UPDATE 17.09.12: We haven't heard from Gilbert since the 30th August - he was transmitting well before that, so we think his tag may have fallen off. It is frustrating, but one of the hazards associated with tagging sub-adult turtles that are still growing - thanks for the ride Gilbert, you are awesome!

UPDATE 04.09.12: Well this is worrying! Having negotiated ocean eddies while heading south, Gilbert has gone quiet, with his last transmission received no the 30th August - we hope his tag hasn't run out of batteries...

UPDATE 27.08.12: Gilbert is now heading south west away from the Gulf Stream eddies - where will he go now?

UPDATE 23.08.12: Gilbert is now in deep, open ocean and about 300 miles from the nearest land at Pamlico Sound...

UPDATE 17.08.12: Gilbert is heading south...

UPDATE 16.08.12: Gilbert has been in the Gulf Stream for the last two days, yesterday he travelled a staggering 115 kms in 24 hours - is he heading for Bermuda, another UKOT?

UPDATE 15.08.12: Gilbert has once again entered the Gulf Stream and last night was about 90 miles from Pamlico Sound - where is he going?

UPDATE 13.08.12: Gilbert appears to be on the move again....

UPDATE 12.08.12: A couple of days ago Gilbert left the Sound and is now back in the ocean - he probably left the Sound via a new inlet, which was created by Hurricane Irene at around about this time last year (not shown yet on Google Earth).

UPDATE 08.08.12: Gilbert is sound in the Sound....wonder how long he will stay there....

UPDATE 06.08.12: Gilbert remains in Pamlico Sound, chowing down on some fine seagrass!

UPDATE 01.08.12: Gilbert remains in Pamlico Sound, where a gill net fishery will open at the end of the summer - take care Gilbert!

UPDATE 29.07.12: Gilbert is in the Sound. Looks like this is where he was heading since leaving TCI. The water in the Sound gets too cold for green turtles in the winter, so if the tag battery lasts, we may see Gilbert head south again at the end of the summer.

UPDATE 28.07.12: Still mostly low accuracy locations from Gilbert (plotted in the image above), but it looks like he has stopped in the Pamlico Sound for the last few days - maybe foraging. The sea is rough there right now apparently, and that can also affect accuracy of locations.

UPDATE 27.07.12: We haven't heard much from Gilbert in the last couple of days, just a few low accuracy locations that suggest that he may be foraging in Pamlico Sound - as soon as we hear more we will let you know....

UPDATE 25.07.12: Gilbert continues north, and yesterday evening was swimming along Bodie Island, perhaps heading to Chesapeake Bay?

UPDATE 21.07.12: Gilbert is skirting Pamlico Sound and heading towards the Diamond Shoals.

UPDATE 20.07.12: Gilbert continues north!

UPDATE 18.07.12: Last night Gilbert entered Beaufort Inlet Channel into Back Sound and passed within about a mile of the office of TCI Turtle Project collaborator Dr Lisa Campbell at the Duke Marine Lab!

UPDATE 16.07.12: Gilbert continues to pootle slowly up the NC coast, and last night was cruising along Topsail Beach.

UPDATE 13.07.12: Gilbert has slowed down in the last 24 hours, and this morning was heading towards Bald Head Island.

UPDATE 12.07.12: This morning Gilbert crossed the North Carolina border and is now just a few days away from our TCI Turtle Project collaborators at the Duke University Marine Lab in Beaufort...

UPDATE 10.07.12: This morning Gilbert was approaching Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and at his current swim speed is about a day away from the North Carolina border..

UPDATE 06.07.12: Gilbert continues on his journey, and is now swimming along the South Carolina coast. He was cruising past Hilton Head Island last night.

UPDATE 04.07.12: Gilbert continues to cruise north, and is heading towards South Carolina. He has now travelled about 2000 kms since leaving the TCI ....

UPDATE 01.07.12: Having travelled over 60 kms yesterday, looks like Gilbert has Georgia on his/her mind....

UPDATE 30.06.12: Gilbert is on the move again, and yesterday travelled north over 40 kms, further away from the Florida coast and heading towards Georgia ....

UPDATE 29.06.12: During the last two days Gilbert has been loitering around the mouth of Matanzas Bay near St Augustine. Has he stopped for a breather there or is this where he will settle?

UPDATE 27.06.12: Gilbert has reached the coast of Florida and continues to travel northwards - where he is going is anyone's guess...

UPDATE 25.06.12: Gilbert has crossed the Gulf Stream, and first thing this morning was about 30km away from Daytona Beach, Florida, which is a green turtle nesting beach. The green turtle nesting season is underway there, so is Gilbert a small breeding male/female or his he/she heading to a foraging ground?

UPDATE 24.06.12: Gilbert has entered the Gulf Stream, and has been propelled almost 90 km in 24 hours - the fastest he has travelled on this journey. Gilbert is now only about 80 kms away from of some of Florida's finest green turtle nesting beaches.....

DATE 23.06.12: Gilbert is now near the north west point of the Little Bahama Bank, very close to the Gulf Stream, which flows northwards - will he take the plunge?

UPDATE 22.06.12: Gilbert continues to explore the LIttle Bahama Bank...

UPDATE 21.06.12: Gilbert has started to meander a bit around the LIttle Bahama Bank - perhaps he is looking for a new patch...

UPDATE 19.06.12: Gilbert has entered the LIttle Bahama Bank...

UPDATE 18.06.12: Gilbert is still on the move, motoring along the north coast of Little Abaco Island - where is he heading?

UPDATE 17.06.12: Gilbert has arrived at a small uninhabited cay just offshore of Coopers Town on Little Abacaco Island in the northern Bahamas - is this where he intends to stay or is he just resting a while after his 18 day swim? Nearby Green Turtle Cay lies to the south east...

UPDATE 16.06.12: Gilbert seems to be making a beeline for Little Abaco Island and is only 43 miles away. If that is where he is heading, he will reach his destination this weekend...

UPDATE 15.06.12: In the last 12 hours Gilbert has changed his bearing and is swimming against the current flow heading west south west towards Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas. As you might expect, his swim speed has slowed, but he is about to enter another favourable current...

UPDATE 13.06.12: Gilbert has travelled along the inside of an oceanic eddy and is now heading to a divergent current that may take him to Florida or the Bahamas - which way will he go?

UPDATE 11.06.12: Gilbert has entered another eddy and consequently taken a sharp left in the westward direction of flow. He is now heading towards the northern Bahamas  - is that where he is going?

UPDATE 08.06.12: Gilbert is now over 250 miles away from the TCI and motoring north - this doesn't appear to be a random journey, but we don't think he has visited his destination foraging ground how does he know where and which way to go?

UPDATE 07.06.12: Gilbert is still motoring towards Bahamas and Florida, riding that current and travelling at 65 km per day!

UPDATE 05.06.12: Gilbert has entered a north-flowing current and consequently has increased his speed by about 50%. He has also changed his bearing, and is now heading towards the Bahamas and Florida - at his new swim speed he will reach Nassau in about a week and the Florida coast in about a fortnight.

UPDATE 04.06.12: Gilbert is going strong, and now about 165 kms NNW of TCI and still heading north against the prevailing currents - where is he/she going?

UPDATE 03.06.12: Gilbert is now 120 kms NNW of TCI - where is he/she going?

UPDATE 02.06.12: Gilbert continues to migrate north - if his tag battery lasts we should find out where he is going - is it the Bahamas? Florida? Or somewhere else?

UPDATE 01.06.12: Well this is exciting! Gilbert's odd behaviour earlier this week seems to have been preparation for a migration! This may be one of the first sub-adult green turtle developmental migration ever tracked (possibly a migration from his sub-adult foraging grounds where he was tagged, to an adult foraging ground elsewhere)  - where is he going?!

UPDATE 30.05.12: Apologies for the lack of updates in the last two months. Gilbert had been very faithful to his patch until yesterday morning, when he suddenly started sending an unusual amount of high quality signals and traveled over 7 kms away from his favourite spot. By very early this morning he was still sending high quality signals, still at sea and closer to his patch. Not sure what has happened and we may get more clues from his signals tomorrow. Maybe he was caught by fishers and then released....we'll see!

UPDATE 27.03.12: Gilbert stayed close to his home range in the last 2 weeks.

UPDATE 11.03.12: Gilbert has stuck to his patch during these last few weeks.

UPDATE 09.02.12: Gilbert has been mostly staying on his patch, with a brief foray into Windward Passage Going Through last month.

UPDATE 02.01.12: Gilbert hasn't gone far....

UPDATE 19.12.11: Gilbert continues to graze.

UPDATE 30.11.11: Gilbert has been staying on his favourite patch.

UPDATE 14.11.11: Gilbert hasn't travelled far in the last two weeks, staying on his patch.

UPDATE 01.11.11: Gilbert has spent the last 2 weeks on his patch and staying close to David.

UPDATE 10.10.11: Gilbert is sticking close to satellite-tagged partner turtle David, and staying within the southern mouth of Windward Passage Going Through - most likely foraging on the abundant seagrass and algae growing there.

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