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David is a sub-adult green turtle captured at Southern Bush, just south of the Windward-Going-Through passage between Middle and East Caicos. The turtle was too young to tell whether or not it is male or female when it was tagged, but subsequent analysis of its blood sample revealed that David is in fact a female. David was captured by TCI Turtle Project Officer Amdeep Sanghera on a sampling trip with legendary TCI turtle fishers Gilbert Jennings and Dave Clare. The turtle is fitted with a Sirtrack Fastloc tag to determine its fine scale movements in its tidal foraging habitat. The purchase and deployment of this tag is supported by the British Chelonia Group, with additional project support from the People's Trust for Endangered Species.

Click on the map below to open a bigger version.

(Pink dots represent first month or so of tracking).

David - tracking map David
Live map above provided courtsey of Static image below from Google Earth shows best quality transmissions received in two weeks prior to update.

UPDATE 17.08.12: Still nothing from David, it has been over 2 weeks since her last transmission, I think we have heard the last from her....

UPDATE 06.08.12: David arrived close to the coast of Holguin Province on the 2nd August (image above) but we haven't heard from her since - she has gone quiet for a few days before, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that she didn't run into Cuba's illegal turtle fishery.

UPDATE 02.08.12: Last night David was 25 miles off the coast of Cuba. Turtles are protected by law in Cuba, but there is still an active, albeit illegal, turtle fishery - will David survive her journey into Cuba's waters?

UPDATE 01.08.12: Early this morning David continued to head towards Cuba - is that where she will settle?

UPDATE 30.07.12: David is heading toward Cuba - where will she go?

UPDATE 29.07.12: David is about 96 miles from the TCI and is heading towards the Bahamas.

UPDATE 28.07.12: David continues out west...

UPDATE 27.07.12: David is not following Gilbert. David has headed west along the north coast of Provo...

UPDATE 26.07.12: David has moved off the Caicos Bank and is ready to head out into open ocean.....where will he go?

UPDATE 25.07.12: After 11 months of tracking, David has made his move, and early this morning was 17 miles from his patch followiing Gilbert's track west.

UPDATE 30.06.12: David has been wandering a little this last month, but not far from his patch.

UPDATE 30.05.12: David has stayed very close to his favourite patch these last 8 weeks or so.

UPDATE 27.03.12: David has been moving around the mouth of Windward Passage Going Through these last two weeks.

UPDATE 11.03.12: Like Gilbert, David has stayed close to his patch these last few weeks.

UPDATE 09.02.12: David has been quite adventurous this last month, with forays east and west of his favourite patch.

UPDATE 03.01.12: David hasn't gone far either...

UPDATE 19.12.11: David is still on his patch!

UPDATE 30.11.11: David hasn't strayed far in the last 2 weeks.

UPDATE 14.11.11: David continues to hang out with Gilbert.

UPDATE 01.11.11: David has stayed close to his favourite spot this last fortnight, keeping close to Gilbert.

UPDATE 10.10.11: In the last two weeks David has moved around the mouth of mouth of Windward-Passage-Going-Through, close to the site where he was originally captured, but keeps coming back to his patch close to the southern shore of Middle Caicos. His satellite-tagged partner turtle Gilbert, with whom he was tagged and released, is also staying close by.

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