Volunteer at a Beachwatch Beach Clean

Come on down to the beach!

Volunteer for a beachcleanIf you want to join a beach clean that is taking place already you can join as a volunteer.


  • Read what is involved and download the volunteer guide below
  • Find an event
  • Contact the organiser

Be a Volunteer

Volunteering at a beach clean couldn't be easier. Here are some tips to make the most of your volunteering.

First choose a beach to volunteer at. Click here for a list of all registered beaches. If your beach isn't listed - this means no-one has registered it. You can either find another beach to volunteer at or become the organiser for your chosen beach. If your beach is listed you can volunteer for that beach and you will be notified when an event is taking place. If you have any problems contact MCS and we will get the organiser to contact you directly.

On the day of the survey and beach clean, wear suitable clothing and footwear - wrap up warm as the wind on the beach can make it chilly. Don't forget the sun cream and a bottle of water! If you have them take along strong gloves - like gardening gloves.

All children must be supervised by a parent or guardian. You will be asked to sign a parental consent form by the organiser.

Listen to the safety briefing - it's for your own good!

Get into groups of 3-4, one person recording (the adult, if in a group with children)

Be as accurate as you can when collecting and identifying the litter - if you don't know what something is, don’t be afraid to ask the organiser.

Don't remove any natural material such as seaweed or driftwood.

Total your data sheets at the end of the survey and hand in to the organiser.

Weigh your litter bag.

Most importantly – Have fun!

Next steps

  1. Read the volunteer guide
  2. Find a beach to volunteer at or view the events list.
  3. Contact the organiser from the selected beach details page